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Corporate Values

Our values: trust. employees. experience.


Building trustjoist_aussen_003

We see ourselves not just as a supplier, but also as a reliable and competent partner for our customers. Since JOIST Swiss was founded we emphasise a personal relationship with our customers. Tailored advice and face-to-face contact are still a decisive element in our company philosophy to build and sustain successful business relationships.

Valuable employeesjoist_lager_026

Our employees are our key asset. Therefore, one of our priorities is to train, develop and motivate to create a pleasant working environment. Only content and fulfilled workers can rise to challenges. Therefore, our employees’ opinions count and we involve them in day-to-day decision-making. Being open to the different perspectives of individuals can provide the ideal solution for the customer.

Leveraging experiencejoist_lager_038

We want to provide our customers with optimum advice and the best products at all times. Therefore, we see it as our job to continuously expand and extend our range. With more than 40 years of industry experience, we have lived through numerous innovations in gardening and landscaping technology, enabling us to offer our customers tailored advice and suitable products even if their requirements are very complex.